Carts and Cart Lifters

Carts and Cart Lifters

Cascade Cart Solutions 

CartLogic designed for you, by cascade Cart Solutions, is a Web-based, cloud managed asset management solution for tracking, maintaining, and reporting on your entire cart fleet.

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SL 180 Swaploader Hooklift 

18,000 LB Capacity Hook Hoist!

Price: $19,900.00    Call: 800-361-7305   


Multipurpose Refuse/Recycling 

MP8000 is safe, stable full eject horizontal unloading with non telescopic cylinder. Large capacity receiving hoppers with easy to operate controls. Fuel efficient engine idle operation, user-friendly side loading, low maintenance, manual and semi-automatic card loading.
LED body, work lights, available in 13 to 17 yd. capacity. No chassis drop frame requirement.

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Description of a Cart Tipper

Cart Tipper, or Cart Lifter, refers to the mechanical arm that “lifts” or “tips” Waste Carts into larger containers or compactors.  Many different designs exist, each with the same goal of making waste collection easier and safer.

Uses of a Cart Lifter

Cart Tippers are very commonly seen on trash trucks. In this application, they lift the Waste Cart and dump it into the back of the trash truck.  Cart Lifters are becoming much more widespread as they help automate trash collection, making it much more efficient and safe.

The Advantage of a Waste Cart Tipper?

Even though they cost money upfront to install, Cart Lifters can end up saving taxpayers a lot of money.  This is because they help speed up the collection process, meaning less man hours and wages for the trash truck workers.  Cart Tippers also lower the risks for the trash truck operators themselves since they are no longer directly handling the Waste Carts, which means eliminating run ins with broken glass or other harmful materials, as well as hurt shoulders, backs, or other such injuries.

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