Compactors and Balers


Front load
Side load
Rear load Plus: rectablge receiver, octagonal receiver, recyclers self-contaned compactors, stationary compactors, bathtubs, rectabgle Roll-Offs and more

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Split compartment self contained compactors for trash and OCC custom tipper and lift options for SC and stationary compactors.
Heavy duty precrusher compactors for special application.

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Compactors for Sale

There are several types of compactors on the market today. Trash Compactors are often used in households, while commercial and industrial trash compactors are used in a more high-capacity setting such as hospitals, apartment buildings or office complexes. Recycling Compactors are used in sorting facilities to take care of aluminum cans, cardboard and plastics for example. Compaction Equipment, on the other hand, is designed for the landfill in order to push down waste to make room for additional garbage.

Balers for Sale

Balers are used to compress recyclable material, such as cardboard, plastics and aluminum, into manageable, compact bundles and bound with baling wire so that they are easier to handle when being processed. New Balers for Sale can pose an expensive solution to the recycling process, so an alternative is to look for Used Balers for Salefrom various sources, including listings in Waste Advantage Magazine’s Marketplace section.

Frequent Use of Compaction Equipment

Garbage Compactors are frequently used for organic food waste to recycle and keep this type of waste out of landfills. Available in commercial and Industrial Trash Compactor size, these machines help to break down food waste and make it into a useable resource. Used for easier recycling, large balers are most often used for cardboard and metal, then tied with Baling Wire for easy transport to the appropriate facility.

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