Ten million tennis balls have been recycled by RecycleBalls, the leading tennis ball recycling organization in North America. Equating to 639 US tons of repurposed and recycled tennis balls. More than 1,000 tennis facilities and 5,000 individuals have been involved in the recycling effort with tennis balls contributed from 48 states and Canada. Tennis balls come from many sources including the US Open and community groups that clean them from waterways. These collaborations underscore the growing importance of sustainability in sports and highlights the impact that organizations and individuals can make when they work together.

“We’re thrilled to reach this significant milestone,” said Derrick Senior, founder of RecycleBalls. “It’s a testament to the passion and commitment of everyone involved in our mission to keep tennis balls out of landfills. This is just the beginning, and we’re eager to continue making a positive impact on the environment.” Contributed tennis balls are sorted for upcycle or recycle, giving each tennis ball multiple uses. Recycled tennis balls are ground into Green Gold then used to create new products, including tennis court resurfacing and horse arena footing.

“Our goal is to give tennis balls as many lives as possible and lean into the circular economy. First we upcycle for new uses such as balls for walkers, sound dampeners for school chairs, or dog toys. Then take the really worn out tennis balls – no matter the condition – and transform them into new products.” added Erin Cunningham, Executive Director of RecycleBalls.

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Author: EIN Newswire