Lexington’s Department of Environmental Quality and Public Works is partnering with businesses across the community to host its fourth annual holiday lights collection drive. Last year’s drive generated a record-setting 2,449 pounds of lights and other small electronics for recycling. “This program has been enormously successful year after year,” says Environmental Quality and Public Works Commissioner Nancy Albright. “The drive helps illuminate the importance of recycling right while keeping unwanted items out of the Recycle Center.”

Residents can drop off broken or unwanted holiday lights, including string lights, rope lights and electric candles at collection sites throughout the city. You can also drop off extension cords, timers, light sensors, power strips and other small electronics.

Electronics, including holiday lights, should never go in recycling carts or recycling dumpsters. They cause damage to equipment at the Recycle Center and put employees at risk.

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Author: Steve Rogers, WTVQ
Photo by Kevin Fitzgerald on Unsplash