Every year, 2.1 billion tons of solid waste is generated on the planet. Of these, only 16% are recycled completely. The waste generation index, which includes household waste, plastic, food and hazardous waste, shows that one American produces 773 kg. garbage per year, which is 12% of those 2.1 billion tons, and the United States represents only 4% of the world’s population.27% come from China and India, which account for 36% of the Earth’s population.

Americans produce three times more garbage than Chinese and seven times more than Ethiopia. Interestingly, developed European economies, as well as Canada, are also among the leaders in the negative rating. This includes the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and even Australia. Britain is 14th and generates 482kg of household waste every year, and recycles only 44%. Germany recycles 68% and is ranked first in this indicator globally. The study adds that China, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia have completely banned the import of solid waste, including tons of plastic.

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