Senate Bill 377 was introduced by Senator Missy Irvin of Mountain View. Arkansas has had in place since the early 1990s various statutory authorities whose intent is to stimulate recycling, or through various programs encourage regional approaches to solid waste management, and fund certain related activities through imposition of landfill disposal fees.

Key provisions in the bill include the amendment of Arkansas Code § 8-6-607 regarding the collection of certain fees addressed in the subchapter. Quarterly dates on which landfill disposal fees are collected are addressed. Certain fees are directed to programs such as the Arkansas Unpaved Roads Program Fund and the Recycling Program Fund.

A new section (8-7-102) is added to Subchapter 1 of Chapter 7 of Title 8 providing a grant program to assist public schools with the disposal or recycling of hazardous waste. Further, an additional section is added to Subchapter 2, Chapter 9 of Title 8 which would establish a statewide recycling program to include activities such as public outreach services and a grant program. The bill would:

  • Amend certain Arkansas statutory authorities addressing the collection and distribution of solid waste disposal and transportation fees
  • Provide funding for unpaved roads
  • Provide public schools assistance in the disposal or recycling of hazardous waste
  • Establish a statewide recycling program
  • Provide environmental assistance to public schools for establishment of recycling programs
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