Do you get a new phone every year or two? Do you know where your old one goes? Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a term that is used to describe the waste that is created when electronics reach the end of their useful life. The United Nations University reported that in 2016, e-waste had reached 49.3 million tons. By 2021 this number is predicted to reach 57.5 million tons.

Luckily, nearly all of the e-waste we are creating can be recycled and turned into economic opportunity. Precious metals such as copper, silver, palladium and even gold can be salvaged from electronic devices and reused.

To help you properly recycle these devices, Panda Security has a guide on how to recycle electronics. They walk you through the different organizations that will take your devices and how to clear them before donating so that your information is secure. Browse through their tips and find the best method of recycling devices for you.

how to recycle electronics