Jackie Thompson


Recycling plants work with processes and materials that require an eagle eye to address any issues as they may arise. The recycling industry is not immune to the necessity and advance of surveillance technology. It is through the help of surveillance security that authorities were able to close the $16 million fraud that took advantage of the California public recycling fund. So it follows that the recycling industry has much to gain from hi-tech surveillance. On that vein, what benefits exist?

Crime Deterrent
Surveillance technology works as unblinking eyes that survey chosen areas around the plant. So if anything suspicious occurs, they have something to help authorities solve any crimes like fraud, theft, or malpractice. All of which can severely impact the operations of the recycling plant. Surveillance technology also deters any criminal intent that plans to use the plant for criminal means. After all, CCTV technology—like the ones you can install in your private residence—is an effective discouragement for burglars, according to 12 former burglars empaneled by Co-op Insurance. So recycling centers greatly benefit from using visible and hidden surveillance technology to boost the security of the station.

Proper Accountability
Not all recycling facilities and centers are located in areas that are away from residential and community areas. As such, it is in the best interest of recycling centers to ensure that their waste streams are continuously observed and recorded. Using CCTV technology can help meet this need, according to the findings of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It can also help centers understand what protocols they need to enact in the event of an issue or breach. Embracing surveillance technology can also give the plant runners a chance to make sure that their staff is doing everything up to code. Having video recording with clear time stamps can also promote a system of accountability for everyone involved. It will certainly help assuage the concerns of local residents and authorities.

Smarter Practices
Recycling has traditionally employed a “chop and wash” system that’s considered outdated. These have resulted in the occurrence of explosions like the ones that occurred at a Saint John scrap yard in Atlantic City late last year. Employing the use of smart surveillance technology can help to stem issues before they get out of hand. The likes of thermal CCTV camera systems are quite useful in spotting any problematic areas. They can also tie in with trigger alarms for swift action. Having a surveillance system in place allows those in charge to check back and locate the source of any fires or problems. This helps to put in smarter practices moving forward.

Waste management and recycling industry is an ever-changing landscape that needs constant vigilance in order to get the job done. Applying reliable and smart surveillance is simply logical to combat any theft or improper practices. So if the recent trends are to be trusted, it is safe to assume that surveillance technology must remain to be a fixed presence in all waste management plants.

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