AmSty, one of the largest polystyrene producers in the Americas, has added its Allyn’s Point plant in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, as its most recent site to achieve International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS recognition. This is the latest step in support of the company’s goal for all polystyrene food packaging products to have 30% recycled content by 2030. With the Allyn’s Point certification, AmSty plants in St. James, Louisiana; Hanging Rock, Ohio; Joliet, Illinois; and Cartagena, Columbia are now ISCC PLUS certified. Each AmSty plant has been awarded certification based on fulfilling stringent requirements aimed at validating post-consumer recycled content in designated AmSty products. Additionally, Regenyx, a depolymerization recycling facility AmSty shares with Agilyx, is also certified.

“It’s an exciting milestone to have five of our facilities now ISCC PLUS certified – the global gold standard for sustainable plastics accreditation,” said Randy Pogue, AmSty CEO. “It illustrates significant progress and continued momentum as we work to expand plastics recycling capabilities across our company.”

AmSty is a pioneer in using dissolution technology and applying it to products containing post-consumer recycle (PCR) content since 2013. Allyn’s Point was recognized by ISCC for this circular process that recycles plastic consumer products into PolyRenew®, or recycled polystyrene, that are converted into new products. Such products could include FDA-compliant foam meat trays, egg cartons, take-out containers, and other products used for food service and food packaging markets.

“This is yet another step in our journey to create a circular economy for polystyrene by repurposing plastic waste into new products, while also reducing our carbon footprint to promote the health of our planet,” said Tim Barnette, AmSty Vice President of Polystyrene and Sustainability. “This process certifies a recycling stream at Allyn’s Point producing more than 4.5 million pounds per year of recycled polystyrene.”

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