Commissioners in Harrison County have signed a memorandum of understanding with APEX and IWS, owners of the landfill that sits on the Harrison/Jefferson County line. Originally, APEX and IWS approached the Jefferson County Commission and port authority about the potential partnership, but they did not offer support. Needing a government entity in order to apply for the grant, they went to the Harrison County Commission — and it agreed.

“This is simply allowing them to apply for some federal funding,” Commissioner Paul Coffland said. “They would be administered in conjunction with us and if they are successful the enter into this project.” The APEX Sanitary Landfill sits on the Harrison-Jefferson county line, with a majority of the landfill in Jefferson, but most of the rail access points in Harrison.

The commission voted on the MOU, saying the rail expansion would be beneficial for a few reasons. “In turn, it would take truck traffic off of our county roads,” Coffland said. “They also are looking to hire 25 new employees. Currently, about half of their staff 24-26 employees are from Harrison County. Obviously, development and good paying jobs we feel are a good thing for the county.” Additionally, Coffland says APEX owns other land in Harrison County, and creating this partnership could lead to further economic development in the future.

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Author: Dylan Cleland, WTOV 9 Fox
Dylan Cleland, WTOV 9 Fox