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Transfer Stations: Deliver an Effective Transfer Station Design through Comprehensive Programming and Analysis
An early planning process builds in time to design a highly functional facility and select a site that is safe, convenient and environmentally compliant.

Insurance Issues: Salting the Insurance Wound: Where Do We Go from Here?
The low return currently being provided by the bond market is just one of the contributing factors to the hard insurance market. Limited capacity, because of items such as the return on investments is another. With less capacity, the carriers are charging more for the coverage. It is not uncommon for companies to pay the same premium at their renewal this year as they paid for twice as much coverage last year.

Facilities Planning and Design: Designing and Operating Solid Waste Facilities for Durability
The functionality of a solid waste facility is just as important as safety. This all begins in the design phase to help these facilities operate with both in mind.

Fleet Management: Fleet Management: Then and Now
The advancements in technology over the years has taken fleet management to a whole new level, allowing end users to make fact-based decisions when it comes to efficient fleet management.

Roll-Offs: Roll-Off Containers: What You Need to Know Before You Buy
Today, roll-off containers are stronger, more efficient and more specialized than ever before. But not all jobs are created equal. The size of the task, the duration of the job and even the nature of the materials being hauled away all play factors in landing on your best option.

Facilities Planning and Design: Green Construction Requirements Widespread, Despite Some Opposition
Despite the seeming opposition to LEED certification in some states, the truth is that green construction practices are here to stay.

Software: How to Register for and Use the EPA e-Manifest System
What is the e-Manifest system, how do you register for it, and how can this technology can make the hazardous waste shipment process easier?

Guest Commentary: Why Recruiting Women W&R Leaders Should be Top Priority in 2020
Through direct interaction with girls and young women, we can have the greatest influence on changing the perception of working in the solid waste industry.

Planning and Analysis: Second of Two Parts The Florida Waste-To-Energy Project That Almost Never Was Built: Implementation
Lessons learned from the project implementation team for the Hillsborough Resource Recovery Facility.

Buildings and Shelters Case Study: Composting Biosolids in Florida
Legacy Building Solutions teams up with industry partners to provide successful building coverage for a county composting operation.

From the Experts: The Contingency Plan
It is important that we all work together to properly communicate ways we can all stop the Coronavirus and return the economy and standard of living we have become accustomed to in recent years.

Pandemic Response Plan
The U.S. Department of Labor states that most American workers are not at significant risk of infection from the Coronavirus. However, they do warn that exposure risk may be elevated for some workers, including those in solid waste management, who interact with potentially infected travelers from abroad.

Six Most Forgotten Features at HHW Collection Facilities – Part 4: Weather Protection
Weather protection at receiving areas is especially important at HHW facilities.