The American Public Works Association (APWA) and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) have recently entered into an agreement to expand their reach and deliver greater value through education to their members in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Both organizations are focused on facilitating the exchange of ideas, technology, resources, and management practices for professionals who deliver public works and infrastructure services.

The agreement facilitates APWA’s efforts to develop strategic and global alliances with other organizations to promote APWA’s education and credentialing programs and IPWEA’s objective to engage with strategic partners and industry. Members of both associations will benefit from the exchange of educational and credentialing programs, publications and products, events and leadership opportunities. Areas of collaboration include asset management, which both associations recognize as a key element in the design, construction, maintenance and renewal of municipal infrastructure and a long-term contributor to the sustainable delivery of services to our communities.

“APWA is excited to extend and expand our long-term partnership with IPWEA,” said APWA President Mary Joyce Ivers. “Through this strategic alignment of organizational activities, APWA and IPWEA have enhanced the available technical and professional opportunities for every one of our members. This successful partnership will continue to grow APWA and IPWEA’s international presence, and heighten the ability of all public works professionals to provide essential services in their communities across the world.”

APWA and IPWEA have an established history of technology exchange through study tours and attendance at each organization’s conferences. Since 2004, APWA has sponsored twenty individuals to study in Australia and New Zealand in collaboration with IPWEA as part of APWA’s Jennings Randolph International Fellowship program. This program supports travel and participation at a public works conference of one of APWA’s international partners and a public works study tour in that country.

“There’s always been a willingness to work together around conferences and events, but now we’re looking at our products, services, and how we can bring that to a larger audience,” said IPWEA President Rita Excell. “People in public works in the southern hemisphere can learn from America and Canada, and vice versa. It’s about sharing knowledge, sharing best practices, and that’s what I’m most excited about.”

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