A finalized Seven Mile Creek Landfill negotiation has been completed and will move on to the next steps of approval. The Seven Mile Creek Landfill Siting Committee and GFL Environmental met to finalize the negotiations. Local control negotiations have been underway for a long time. “When I started this process my son was 4, he’s now 8,” Siting Committee Attorney Anders Helquist said. “This has taken a lot of work from the committee, a lot of valuable community input from the neighbors and a lot of work from GFL.”

Mark Vinall, GFL general manager, said the company has seen many changes since negotiations started, but he is very pleased with the outcome. “It almost seems a little bit anti-climatic considering it took so much time, but really a lot of the work has been done here in the last three-and-a-half months,” Vinall said. “I want to thank everybody here for that work.”

The initial expansion proposal would have increased the landfill’s size from about 10.56 million to 14.69 million cubic yards, expanding it by nearly 40%. The expansion would have also increased the overall height of the landfill by 60 feet, bringing the landfill’s total height to 1,165 feet. Negotiations have mainly centered around the height of the expansion, property value guarantees, annual sociological payments and tonnage fees. However, after tireless efforts from committee members, members of the neighborhood association and GFL representatives, a negotiated agreement has been reached.

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Author: Avery Shanahan, The Leader-Telegram, Eau Claire, Wis., Yahoo! News