Advanced Technology Recycling (ATR) announces that a major expansion effort is underway to provide ITAD customers with improved solutions for all decommissioned IT assets. The 37,806 sq/ft building and 12-acre property is the latest facility expansion to annex the company’s sizable footprint of certified facilities, which currently includes sites in Salt Lake City UT, Las Vegas NV, San Antonio TX, Pontiac IL, Buffalo NY, Birmingham AL, and Allentown PA. “The refurbishment center expansion and labor force increases are necessary to align ATR with growing volumes of repairable IT assets coming from our southern regions,” said Ken Ehresman, Chief Operations Officer for ATR.

ATR plans to convert 300+ cubicles into state-of-the-art testing and repair production lines capable of refurbishing and reselling millions of technology assets per year. Additionally, ATR will utilize the call centers training facilities, office multiplex to expand mobile device and telecommunications platforms. “This investment demonstrates ATR’s commitment to improve efficiencies, reduce liability, and increase our clients returns,” continued Ehresman.

ATR continues to offer customers access to one of the largest networks of certified electronics recycling facilities in the nation. Additionally, ATR offers the industry’s most secure chain of custody via an electronically tracked, and GPS enabled fleet of vehicles. This includes remote inventory, white glove services, and destruction capabilities.

The former call center was built in 2001 to serve the needs of a large financial institution headquartered in nearby Alabama. The property includes energy efficient HVAC, LED lighting, 1,000kW full facility generator, gated security throughout, with an impressive 28,000 sq/ft of high security and modernized production lines. ATR is accepting applications at the new facility located at 5060 Commerce Park Circle in Pensacola beginning September 27, 2022, from 8:00 AM through 4:00 PM for all hourly and management positions.

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