The Recycling Technology division at BHS-Sonthofen is reporting a personnel change. Daniel Zeiler has taken over as the head of the division. Alfred Weber, who had successfully managed sales for the company’s Recycling Technology division since 2007, retired at the end of last year. Weber has witnessed a number of milestones at BHS-Sonthofen. The Recycling division was still in its infancy when Mr. Weber started working in sales at BHS 20 years ago. At that time, he was in the construction machinery and special mixing technology sales area. Starting in 2007, Mr. Weber was put in charge of sales for the Recycling division. “The initial challenge was to build the sales network for recycling machinery and associated solutions from the ground up. Back then, it was about machines and plants with impact crushing, which were already used for the processing of residual materials containing metal. It was only years later that the tearing and cutting technology was added,” reports the skilled chemical worker and process engineer. BHS now offers complete plant solutions, including control and sorting technology, all from a single source. BHS has developed proprietary innovative processes such as the recycling of lithium-ion batteries, keeping in tune with the times. “Mr. Weber has been instrumental in making BHS an established brand in the recycling industry today. We sincerely thank him for his work and commitment over the past 20 years,” says Dennis Kemmann, Managing Director of BHS-Sonthofen, summing up Mr. Weber’s career with the company.

As BHS moves into the future, it will be Daniel Zeiler’s task to further establish the company’s foothold in this market segment. Hailing from the Rhineland, Mr. Zeiler, who is 48 years old, has worked closely in the area of machinery and plant engineering for the recycling industry for over 20 years. He spent more than ten years in a management position with an international equipment supplier for the scrap processing industry and most recently he spent five years as head of sales at a plant manufacturer in the plastics recycling industry. Mr. Zeiler joined BHS-Sonthofen in September 2022. “We have exciting tasks at BHS, as we will continue to build up the new market segments, such as battery recycling, and at the same time grow with the established products, such as the processes for fine processing of metalliferous wastes. I see great potential in this intersection of proven products and new ideas – and at BHS, the necessary know-how and innovative spirit to develop new solutions for the industry,” says Daniel Zeiler, pleased about having switched to BHS now.

There have been several new developments at BHS-Sonthofen in recent years. One of these developments included a focus on individual business areas, which are now even more closely aligned to the specific needs of the respective customers. Another change involved a consistent expansion of the product and service portfolio. Mr. Zeiler now heads the Recycling Technology division. His position as Vice President combines the responsibilities for sales, project engineering, process development, and the test center. “We are delighted to welcome Mr. Zeiler into the fold – a colleague who will maintain continuity in the Recycling Technology division with great pleasure and commitment, while at the same time working with us to further expand the market position of BHS,” remarks Dennis Kemmann on the choice of the new Vice President.

“I am looking forward to continuing the BHS success story as part of a strong team with flat hierarchies. The proximity to the mountains is a clear advantage after having relocated,” says Zeiler, who enjoys pursuing various mountain sports in his spare time, explaining his decision for the new position with a little smile. Alfred Weber confirms the positive working atmosphere and looks back with gratitude on his time at BHS: “It was a nice time: the great colleagues, customers and partners, the short decision-making processes, and an employer who always supported my further personal development. I’ve been able to drive many things forward at BHS over the last 20 years, but now it’s time for me to just drive my Harley instead.”

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