Boise officials created a survey to gather opinions about potential new procedures for waste reduction, recycling, compost and trash collection. One of the survey questions gauges community interest in changing trash collection. Right now trash collection occurs every week in Boise and recycling is collected every other week. But what if that was switched?

The option outlined in the survey involves collecting recycling every week while trash is only collected every other week. It also would allow residents to choose smaller trash carts that cost less. City of Boise Spokesperson Colin Hickman said that the city has long had a focus on recycling, but more attention needs to be put on reducing and reusing waste.

There’s one option that’s not currently on the table. Hickman said a question he gets asked often is when will Boise ban plastics, such as plastic bags. However, Idaho state code does not allow the city to regulate such items. Other survey questions ask how much residents care about waste reduction and who they think is primarily responsible for waste reduction: whether it is perceived as individuals, stores, manufacturers or the local government. City officials also want to know what is keeping residents from reducing waste: is it lack of education or is it convenience?

The City of Boise waste reduction survey also asks:

  • Do people reduce, reuse and recycle because it benefits the next generation or is it because waste reduction extends the life of the landfill?
  • If offered the option to go to a “Fix it Fair,” an event where residents bring broken items to vendors who then help them repair their own items, how likely would Boiseans attend?
  • Would locals participate in a “Clothing Swap” or a “Zero Waste Shopping Tour” where residents are guided through a grocery store and informed of techniques to reduce waste?
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