Local waste haulers are speaking out ahead of Burlington City Council’s upcoming vote on whether the city’s waste-collection system should become a city government operation. At a press conference, leaders behind some of the city’s largest waste management companies expressed concern that two proposals before the City Council would hurt their businesses.

One option would increase city oversight of waste management, while the other would bring it entirely under the city’s control. The council could also maintain the status quo of private services.  “We’re here today to remind the City Council that we are not your enemy just because we’re in business,” Michael Casella told reporters. His father began Casella Waste 46 years ago in Rutland. “Instead, we are your local industry experts,” Casella said. “We take great care of servicing the community. We’re speaking here today because we feel that we’ve been left out of the decision-making process.”

Waste collection in Burlington is handled mainly by private companies. City officials have debated for years about whether the municipal government should take over waste collection. Proponents of the change say it would save residents money, be more sustainable and allow for better-paying union jobs. But business owners argue that a municipal transition would put them out of business. They’re asking residents to attend the council meeting Sept. 13 to speak against the proposals.

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Author: Grace Elletson, VT Digger
Grace Elletson, VT Digger