New technology, designed to detect and locate methane emissions, is now being tested at a Calgary municipal landfill, sponsored by The City of Calgary Living Labs program. The City of Calgary’s Living Labs program supports technology development in Calgary through the availability of public spaces, transportation corridors, and land that can be used for technology research and testing of innovative solutions. Qube Technologies, a Calgary technology company devoted to helping companies and jurisdictions detect, measure, and reduce methane emissions, is testing its technology at one of these locations.

“Calgary companies like Qube are leading the way in developing groundbreaking solutions to address climate change,” says Mayor Jyoti Gondek. “This collaboration is an excellent example of how Living Labs collaborates with local entrepreneurs to test their cutting-edge solutions in a real-world scenario, that can then be applied around the world.”

Qube Technologies builds devices that detect methane and other types of emissions directly at their source. When the system detects methane, it uses artificial intelligence to tell operators how much gas is there and where the gas is coming from. This real-time information helps companies find and fix leaks faster, preventing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

Although methane is four times less prevalent in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, it has a much higher warming potential over a 20-year time period. Canada’s energy industry, with its de facto headquarters in Calgary, is under immense pressure to reduce its share of the estimated 570 million tonnes of methane the world emits each year. Recent regulations, requiring operators to report on their emissions with more detail and transparency, are resulting in the birth of new technologies and services devoted to methane reduction.

Today, there are a handful of companies like Qube, founded and operating in Calgary, who are focused on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. From detecting methane to certifying sustainably produced gas, these companies are hiring and reskilling former energy industry employees to apply their expertise to solve big societal problems. Calgary’s new emissions reduction sector is providing world class opportunities for Calgary knowledge workers, in a growing space of global importance.

“Qube is proud to be headquartered in Calgary,” said Qube CEO Alex MacGregor. “The city and its workers are an ideal fit for companies like Qube to grow, and we look forward to expanding business further as the world looks to eliminate methane emissions and other greenhouse gases.”

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Author: EIN Newswires
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