Compared to fewer than one million today, at least 61 million Americans will be living in states with a recycling requirement for all household batteries by 2027. This demonstrates rapid growth in the battery recycling industry within the next three years and highlights the need for preparation, according to U.S. Census and state data obtained by Call2Recycle®.

State household battery requirements require battery manufacturers and retailers to participate in a recycling program for all household batteries, including single-use and rechargeable batteries. Such requirements are a positive step towards increasing battery recycling nationwide.

Currently, only Washington, D.C. has implemented such a requirement, reaching less than one million Americans. However, following recently passed legislation in states such as California, Washington, and Illinois, the number of Americans benefiting from these requirements is expected to grow by more than 60 million when these states implement required regulations within the next three years.

Additionally, due to pending or expected legislation in other states, household battery recycling requirements may expand to an additional 68 million people, for a total reach of 129 million Americans by 2027.

Call2Recycle anticipates that the battery recycling industry will need to greatly expand its coordination and operations to prepare for this growth. This includes adding more convenient recycling drop-off options, increasing recycling capacity, enhancing transportation services, and developing larger processing facilities.

“The battery recycling community must work together to plan for this positive but dramatic transformation in our industry,” said Leo Raudys, CEO of Call2Recycle®, the nation’s largest consumer battery stewardship and collection program. “We have the potential to leverage this unprecedented growth and the necessary coordination and planning to build a more robust circular economy.”

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Author: GlobeNewswire