Call2Recycle® announces a partnership with CellBlock Fire Containment Systems to expand its safe battery collection, handling, and transportation. This partnership supplements Call2Recycle’s program offerings to include a complete range of battery protection solutions, including fire suppression pillows and blankets, consumer mail-back solutions, hazardous material drums, and damaged lithium-based battery kits. 

Call2Recycle will be the exclusive US distributors of the Maine-based CellBlock FCS products, which are made from post-consumer recycled glass. The product line covers multiple battery needs – from individual battery recalls, to storing and transporting batteries of varying shapes and sizes – and expands solutions for safe battery handling, storage, and shipping. The partnership was previewed at the 2019 Battery Show and the International Congress for Battery Recycling (ICBR).

 “We are excited to expand our service offerings through this partnership with CellBlock FCS,” said Carl Smith, CEO and president of Call2Recycle, Inc. “Our customers want easy access and speedy service when trying to return damaged/defective/recalled batteries, some of the most unstable and dangerous batteries to store. Safely handling all types of batteries is the only way to optimize collection and recycling. CellBlock’s range of solutions helps reassure our customers that we are handling batteries in the safest possible manner.”

“We developed CellBlockEX® technology to provide an environmentally sound solution that helps mitigate the potential for lithium-ion battery fires quickly and efficiently,” said Dylan Vandemark, CellBlock FCS’s VP of Product Development. “We are very pleased to partner with Call2Recycle to offer an additional layer of safety and security to customers, especially those shipping damaged/defective/recalled batteries.”

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