Dear Valued Community Member,

Carmen Barbato, Inc. Needs Your Help.

As you know, the virus lives on certain surfaces for up to 3-5 days and in liquids. We want to make sure your garbage gets transferred securely and safely so it makes it to its destination. For the safety of our workers and our community, we are sharing guidelines for waste disposal.

1. If you are self-isolating because 1) of the fear you have the coronavirus or are a carrier, 2) you have been directed to self-isolate for 15 days, or 3) have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, we ask that you please double bag your garbage securely, and refrain from putting it out for garbage pick up until you have been cleared from having/potentially having the virus, and hold for 1 week beyond before you dispose of it.

2. If you are not self-isolating because of the above reasons, please select one large bag and put all cleaning and sanitary waste (used tissues, paper towels, other cleaning and sanitary products and bi-products) in it and double bag it and tie it tightly, then put it in with the rest of your garbage. All other waste should be put in tightly secured garbage bags that are double bagged and put out the night before pick up in your tote.

3. The virus is known to live up to 3-5 days on certain items. The less handling of garbage our employees do, the safer they and the community are. All garbage should fit in your tote. PLEASE:

  • No loose garbage. This always includes Styrofoam popcorn and shredded paper, which both are not recyclable and should be double bagged.
  • Refrain from overflowing your totes
  • Refrain from putting extra bags out next to your tote, on top of it, etc.
  • Only garbage in your totes will be picked up.
  • NO tissues, paper towels, napkins, other cleaning and sanitary products and bi-products, masks, or rubber gloves in recyclables. They are unsanitary and not recyclable. They should be double-bagged and put in with the garbage.
  • All recyclables MUST be rinsed clean.
  • Empty all liquids. Liquids can carry viruses and bacteria, and can splash when trash and recyclables are emptied.

4. Please USE GLOVES when moving your totes out for pick up AND SANITIZE AND WIPE YOUR TOTES CLEAN. For the proper way to dispose of gloves, go to:  and search at the top for “How to remove gloves”.  It will come up as a search item halfway down the page.

We are currently open. Our Transfer Station located on Rt. 23 in Hillsdale, NY is open as well. This may change in the future.

Thank you from our family and co-workers, to yours.

Carmen Barbato, Inc.

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**This is informational only. Contact your local hauler, municipality for your set of guidelines.