Charleston County Environmental Management is taking a hands-on approach to combat non-recyclable contamination in the county’s recycling program. Non-recyclables are frequently found in the recycling carts such as plastic bags, food waste, and clothing. Beginning in January, staff will randomly be looking into recycling cans to ensure only proper materials are being recycled. If there are any non-compliant cans they will receive an “oops” tag with educational information.

Christina Moskos, Program Manager for Charleston County Environmental Management, says they depend on the community to educate themselves and make sure they are recycling correctly. “This is just a great opportunity for us to provide education to the citizens of Charleston County,” stated Moskos.

Incorrect items can also cause damage to the new recycling center on Palmetto Commerce Parkway. “Plastic bags can actually wrap around the rotors in the processing equipment at the recycling center leading to shutdowns. We have to have workers crawl in the machines to cut the bags off,” Moskos mentioned.

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Author: Danielle Hensley, WCBD News 2

Image: WCBD News 2