The 20-year-old Household Hazardous Waste Facility in North Branch, that is open to Chisago County residents, is getting a facelift to improve operations. The initial project will increase functionality to the east side of the existing structure/lot. The quantity of recyclables the facility can process will increase in this phase one project.

TKDA engineering an architecture firm  put together a phased pre-design package for warehouse upgrades, a cold storage addition, office improvements and a public recyclables drop-off yard, which is the first phase. The state Pollution Control Agency awarded Chisago County 2021 grant monies of $251,566 to go towards this.

Drawings for the facility were accepted by the County Board. North Branch City Council has also signed off on the conditional use permit and site plan. Bid solicitations will go out as soon as possible with the goal of awarding a project at the County Board meeting early September.

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Author: Chicago County Press