The City of Katy will have a new waste services provider, as the city council voted to finalize a deal with Texas Pride Disposal of Rosenberg. The new contract is expected to begin in September and calls for a residential charge of $13.15 per month for garbage, recycling, and heavy trash pickup once a week. Pickups will take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The last five cents in that rate came as part of a performance bond that would protect the city if Texas Pride Disposal fails to provide service.

The city earlier this year organized a sanitation committee to explore its options on solid waste providers and services. City Administrator Byron Hebert led the committee, and said its goals were to increase services, with a less confusing schedule, at a lower cost. The city surveyed Katy residents in March to gauge their satisfaction with current services, waste pickup schedules, and their willingness to pay for more services. Survey results were presented at the July 6 meeting. City officials said 6,370 surveys were mailed to residents, and 2,549 responses, a 40% response rate, were received.

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Author; George Slaughter, The Katy News
Image: The Katy News