Container First Services (CFS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Meridian Waste, an integrated, non-hazardous solid waste services company, announced a new Employee of the Month program for employees serving the greater Richmond / Petersburg area. “In celebration of the Labor Day holiday, we have launched our Employee of the Month program to recognize those frontline and office employees who commit wholeheartedly to our philosophy of servicing our customers and employees with unwavering respect, fairness, and care,” said Area President Rob Guidry. “The solid waste collection and disposal business is a tough and demanding profession knowing that an important part of the health and safety of our communities resides on the shoulders of our team.  We want to recognize excellence among our employees in regards to safety, first and foremost, as well as a genuine appreciation for our customers, fellow teammates and the valuable equipment and technology that helps us to keep Virginia clean.”

Robert Taylor is a tenured roll-off driver who is the inaugural recipient and September’s Employee of the month.  He has worked within the ranks of CFS as a rear-load driver and now a roll-off CDL driver for over six years, with 20 years in the industry.  In his off time, Robert enjoys cooking out with his family and friends. He’s even inspired his son, Rojee Martin, to follow in his footsteps in the CFS residential department.

“Robert was chosen because of his can-do attitude, his hard work,” said Guidry. “He has assisted in other departments when needed, and most importantly, he has embraced the new drivers and coached them along the way emphasizing safety and respect for each other and the vital work that CFS performs each and every day. He has done all this while keeping his truck in tip-top shape, a source of genuine pride among our drivers.”

Criteria for the honor include the following categories:  1). Attitude and Commitment, 2). Interpersonal Skills, 3) Work Performance and 4) Personal Traits.  The monthly nominees must be full-time employees and nominated by co-workers and supervisors prior to review by local leadership.  Safety remains one of the highest elements of performance.  The awardee receives a $100 gift card, a designated parking space for the month and life-long bragging rights.

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