ReWall company has been acquired by Continuus Material Recovery, creating a new network in construction building materials and new strategies for recycling. As a result of China’s National Sword Ruling, the future of paper and plastic recyclables is in limbo. To address the rising consumer demand for durable sustainable building materials and corporate zero waste goals, Continuus is taking post-consumer and post-industrial mixed paper and plastic destined for landfill and manufacturing them into building material boards for exterior wall and commercial roofs.

With the acquisition, a sustainable solution for raw materials will accelerate waste reduction opportunities and zero waste goals. New products include roof cover boards for commercial roof projects and durable composite building material. Not only does this keep potential recyclables out of landfills, but in using these products, companies can also qualify for waste diversion volumes as part of their zero waste reporting.

“When I was running the recycling program for the state of California we really didn’t have large enough markets for recycled material,” said Bridgett Luther, former President of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. “Continuus has proven they can take mixed paper and plastics and use them to make products and create jobs here in the United States. That’s what recycling is really all about—closing the loop. Not just collecting the materials but turning them into products that can be used over and over.”

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