The City of Coral Springs is taking to the skies to get the message out about recycling. According to Lynne Martzall, Director of Communications & Marketing, the goal is to send residents to the Dos & Dont’s of recycling. 

On Nov. 1, recycling resumed in the city. Although they have informed residents through letters, social media campaigns, articles, and printed materials, early audits of the city’s contamination rates indicate not everyone who has curbside recycling available to them is recycling right. An official recycling audit will take place in January to determine the cost of continuing recycling in Coral Springs.

“We are committed to ensuring everyone knows that curbside recycling has resumed, and residents must do their part to help clean up recycling,” said Martzall. We hope residents will help us spread the message to neighbors to recycle right.”

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Author: Sharon Aron Baron, Coral Springs Talk
Coral Springs Talk