Nancy Cullen


People have become more aware of the footprint they leave in the world based on their choices in what they purchase. Companies are rising up to the task to create eco-friendly products through sustainable production. This is great news for the planet. What we do, what we consume, where we buy products from—it all adds up and makes an impact.

You don’t have to break the bank to participate in eco-conscious consumerism. At one point, it was difficult to find environmentally-friendly products for a reasonable price. However, looking for ways to save at your favorite stores—such as using Dicks coupons, promo codes and cashback offers—while jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon is now easier than ever

#1: Research Will Save You Money

Many people are equally concerned about what they are buying as they are how much they are spending. For some, a deterrent of buying eco-conscious goods is that the price can be higher compared to the counterparts. However, a little online research will reveal dozens of coupons, promo codes and cashback offers that will reduce the price of products significantly. Spend time researching the companies you are purchasing from as well, to make sure you align with their ethics, products and manufacturing.

#2: Budget-Friendly, Eco-Conscious Products

If you’re looking for a pair of running shorts, a baseball glove, or other activewear/gear, you can find quality products that are durable and have a long life span at places like Dicks Sporting Goods. To top it off, you can easily find coupons, promo codes and cashback offers that will save you a good amount of money. Investing in these quality products now will ultimately save you money in the long run, since you won’t have to repurchase new products frequently due to deterioration.

Along with apparel and gear, you can save money on the following products on the front and back end by using promo codes, coupons and cashback offers:

  • Programmable thermostat— These may also come with a rebate in addition to other offers and can save you hundreds at the end of the year by using less energy.
  • Reusable water bottlesTime and again, these will save you from purchasing disposable water bottles.
  • Cloth towels— These prevent waste and will prevent you from spending hundreds on disposable products.
  • Drying racks— These are compact, can eliminate the need for a dryer, and will save you later on your energy bill.
  • Reusable grocery bags— These are stronger, bigger, and built to last over hundreds of uses. Some stores give you an additional discount for bringing in your own bag.
  • Reusable straws— Metal and glass straws not only prevent waste and cause less harm to nature, but they also keep you from having to constantly repurchase new straws.
  • Silicone sandwich bags— Avoid repurchasing sandwich bags by purchasing reusable silicone bags that are washable, durable, and can be used to heat up or store food in the fridge. The plus side is that you also avoid plastic, which tends to not be recycled or unrecyclable.

#3: Investing In Your Future

Not only are you investing in the world’s future when you choose eco-conscious products, but you’re also investing in your direct future. Some products may seem costly, but they will prove to be more durable, made of higher quality materials, and prevent you from consuming too many products year end and year out. You will find that what you want and need will last longer. Add in promo codes, coupons and cashback offers, and there’s no losing in this situation.

Shopping for eco-conscious products with coupons, promo codes and cashback offers is a win-win situation. You will find that you’re having to purchase less. You will find that you not only save during the present purchase but in the future as well. You will also reduce your consumer footprint and inspire others to follow suit. In sum, becoming an eco-conscious consumer will benefit both you and the world around you.

Photo Credit: Pexels