CyrusOne, a leading global data center developer and operator specializing in delivering state-of-the-art digital infrastructure solutions, has announced a partnership with AIT Electronic Recycling Solutions which will administer comprehensive electronic recycling and data destruction at all U.S. facilities. The electronic recycling services will be implemented by installing collection bins in all CyrusOne data centers to properly recycle end-of-life electronic equipment on a continual basis.

The new electronic waste recycling program is available as part of CyrusOne’s ongoing sustainability mission. The partnership will officially launch as a no-cost service to all CyrusOne customers with clean up initiatives encouraging users to begin properly recycling unusable electronics at their facilities.

“Our new program with AIT Electronic Recycling Solutions is a great next step in CyrusOne’s ongoing commitments to the environment and the community,’ said Dan Moore, Operations Business Director at CyrusOne. ‘Electronic recycling is incredibly beneficial to both data center facilities and the environment by reusing valuable materials and keeping toxins out of the environment. Environmental, social and corporate responsibility are embedded in our business practice, and at CyrusOne we do everything we can to protect our planet.”

“We are honored to be the trusted partner of CyrusOne providing our Electronic Recycling and Data Destruction solutions nationwide,” said Ian D. Witt, President at AIT. “With the implementation of this program and our combined commitment to sustainability, we make it easy for participants to properly dispose of e-waste in an environmentally conscious way. We look forward to making programs like this an industry standard.”

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Author: Business Wire