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In the Spotlight: The City of Lebanon, Tennessee’s Gasification Initiative: Clean and Green
Adopting a solution that effectively reduces wood waste and sewage sludge, the City of Lebanon’s gasification project diverts more than 16,000,000 pounds of waste from landfills every year, cleanly producing electricity to help power the wastewater treatment plant.

Alternative Daily Covers: A Look at Investing in ADC
Whether you are a municipality or private company, think about what you want to use and what is going to be right for your landfill. Look at the longer investment in ADC, rather than the upfront costs.

Organic Recycling: Food to Fuel—It is Not as Easy as it Seems!
Vertically integrating the feedstock chain and farms is the secret to AD success. With farm-based AD in the mix, the future of a reliable waste to renewable energy production solution that works 24/7/365 is a reality.

Insurance Issues: Culture Matters
The culture that you are laying out to your team is truly one of the most important assets of the company.

Landfills: 3 Tips for Modernizing Your Landfill and Waste Management Plan
Armed with the right information, landfill managers can make better decisions that prolong the life of a landfill and use the given space in the most efficient and effective manner.

Sustainability: Steps to Sustainability Planning
A sustainability plan is put in place to make a change and to do something good for the company and for the earth. With proper foresight and care, that positive momentum can continue within all aspects of the business.

Route Optimization: Optimizing Recycling: Lessons from Home and Abroad
Whether driven by market demand to improve materials quality or challenging landfill costs, optimizing recycling is a high priority for solid waste operators.

Organic Waste: Ideas on Organic Waste Management
When selecting a composting system, the first question to answer is what is your waste stream? Followed by how steady is the waste flow? How much waste do you have? How hard is it to compost? How near are your neighbors? How much land do you have available?

Sustainability: Wise Material Usage Through Sustainable Materials Management: An Imperative for Our Future
Sustainable Materials Management involves creating and encouraging others to form more business ventures and entrepreneurial programs by using materials in a sustainable way.

Leasing and Financing: The Benefits of Full Service Leasing
Full service leasing gives companies a cash flow advantage with the ability to accurately budget with a monthly expense for use of the trucks you need.

Recycling: Reducing Waste Through Recycling Fiber
Businesses who want to reduce waste and save money can rethink their entire supply chain and identify new ways to reuse materials and further reduce waste.

Waste Management: The Role of Air Curtain Burners in Vegetative Waste Management
As air curtain burners minimize smoke or black carbon from wood waste combustion where black carbon is the second largest contributor to climate change after CO2, the machines have a near immediate positive impact on climate change.

Event Wrap-Up: EREF Fall Classic & Networking Event: Uniting Industry Leaders in the Name of Solid Waste Research
A must-attend event for waste industry professionals, the EREF Fall Classic & Networking Event brings executives of major waste companies together to support the Foundation and its mission to advance sustainable solid waste management practices.

Guest Commentary: Are Humans as Wise as the Venus Flytrap?
Humanity must embrace a food cycle in which food that is not eaten is no longer considered waste; instead, it is considered a replenishable natural resource to be composted.

Maintenance: Facility Maintenance Schedules
What type of maintenance checks can you make on your facility on a monthly/annual basis? Should you do a thorough one after a certain amount of time?

Safety: Gloves Receive ‘Back of the Hand’ Treatment
Impact resistance the latest frontier in glove technology.

From the Experts: Learning from Others
Talking about solutions will not fix the problem; we need to do all we can as an industry to put an action plan together to make it happen.