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In the Spotlight: Walters Recycling and Refuse: Taking it to the Next Level
As one of the largest independent waste hauling companies in the state of Minnesota, Walters Recycling and Refuse, the company is focused on continued growth, expanding to new adjacent markets and priding themselves on having a great reputation in the marketplace.

Facilities Planning and Design: Important Things to Know before Beginning the Bidding/Permitting Process
Is one step more important than the other? What is the difference between the Design/Build and Design/Bid/Build Processes?

Compliance and Regulations: The Commercial Driver’s Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse: A Centralized Resource
In January 2020, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse will go into effect. The rule will mandate that employers begin checking the clearinghouse database for drug and alcohol violations and that certain violations be uploaded into the clearinghouse by the employer. Tony Cardamone, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Concorde, Inc., talks about its implications, how it will affect the industry and how to prepare for the implementation.

Food Waste Management: The Power of Curbside Food Scrap Collection
With rightful attention going to upstream solutions to reduce wasted food, downstream solutions should not be ignored.

Arms and Lifters: Cart Lifter Tips
When it comes to selecting the right cart lifter, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Evaluating and finding the right equipment is the first but essential step to a successful launch.

Management/Personnel: Don’t Ignore the Bad Apple
Do not hold your organization hostage to a chronic toxic employee who will continue trying to rot the barrel of apples. This toxicity begins to grow and fester and, if unaddressed, can severely impede an organization’s mission and effectiveness. One of our roles as a leader is to prevent negativity.

Fleet Management: Transportation Fleets Lowering Tire Costs Through Data, Business Intelligence and Lifecycle Management
With the proper monitoring of tire usage and maintenance, combined with the use of data analytics to better manage use of the tire and truck lifecycle, fleets can achieve significant savings to their bottom line.

Attachments: Coupling Safety and Efficiency
Choosing an excavator quick coupler for safe and fast attachment exchanges.

Waste Transportation: Who Can Answer My Heavy-Haul Questions?
A collection of answers to common queries.

E-Waste Management: The 5G Revolution and What it Means for E-Waste
As 5G ramps up in the US, the coming tidal wave of 3G and 4G cell phones meant for disposal is going to drastically increase marking one of the largest technological changes the U.S. has ever seen.

Industry Resources: Zero Waste Principles & Practices Certification Program Presented by CRRA and SWANA
Encompassing a broad overview of Zero Waste principles and practices in 10 modules covering public policy, programs, technology and measurement, the Zero Waste Principles & Practices course provides many opportunities for discussion among instructors and participants.

Event Wrap-Up: This Was Not Your Typical WASTECON®
From networking events, to training, and educational tours, WASTECON offered everything needed to succeed.

Software Case Study: Simplicity and Efficiency: Moving to a Streamlined ERP System
The valuable insight provided from AMCS’ software allowed Piney Woods Sanitation to analyze their performance in order to grow the business.

Event Wrap-Up: EREF 25th Anniversary Celebration and Fall Classic Events Bring Together Industry Executives in Support of EREF
Celebrating 25 years in the industry, EREF continues to provide valuable solid waste data, having become one of the largest sources of funding for solid waste research in North America.

From the Experts: Budgets Ending/Budgets Starting
A macro view of items to keep in mind when forming and executing an annual budget.

Maintenance: Protecting DEF from Extreme Cold and Other Conditions Can Keep Your Truck Running Smoothly
For shops and drivers, it is important to know what you are putting into your DEF tank. The quality of the DEF going into your vehicle is as important as the quality of the engine oils or fuels used in your vehicles.

Marketing Strategies: Time for Your Company’s Annual Performance Review
You have built a brand and you know your customers. Now it is time to face the music and hear what they think of you.