Nutrient rich composting material often referred to as “black gold” is being created in the dry adobe hills at a commercial composting site near the base of the Grand Mesa in Delta County. Carbondale based company CHT Resources, which stands for Collection, Hauling and Transfer, continues to improve its commercial composting operations near Adobe Butte’s Landfill in Delta County.

The 240 acre site operates under a Certificate of Designation from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment for roughly 80 acres. CHT also worked closely with Delta County prior to the adoption of its Land Use Code. CHT CEO Erica Sparhawk said it was an easy process working with the county on the 14 acre project.

“We’re one of the only certificates of designation that they have, it’s not like a process that they go through regularly like other approvals. And I was super impressed with the level of diligence and thoroughness that their staff provided. They were really great to communicate with. And then we had to go in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission, the County Commissioners, and we got unanimous support from both of those entities,” says Sparhawk.

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Author: Lisa Young, Aspen Public Radio
Image: Lisa Young, KVNF, Aspen Public Radio