Downtown Straubing is not unlike any other growing city. With a constant demand for urban renewal and therefore the need to increase traffic flow to the downtown core area comes the need to increase parking availability. The hunt for more parking spaces to meet the demand was on! Repurposing the area of an old unused storage warehouse next to the Straubing train station was an ideal solution to the parking dilemma.

Plannerer, a regional demolition contractor, was contracted to take the warehouse down carefully. They reached out to SENNEBOGEN and chose a SENNEBOGEN 830 R-HDD from the SENNEBOGEN rental fleet. It came equipped with a fully hydraulic quick-change system and demolition shears that would be instrumental to carry out the controlled dismantling of the structure.

Precision Is the Key

In tight quarters, blasting or using a wrecking ball is not a possibility. Plannerer chose the SENNEBOGEN 830 R-HDD because of the responsiveness, speed, and accuracy of the machine’s hydraulics to create fast cycle times. Using this targeted deconstruction method also contributed to the sustainability of the project. The precision of the hydraulics meant that materials including bricks and metals would be separated and recycled rather than going to the landfill after clean-up!

Feature Driven. Purpose-built

What really impressed the folks at Plannerer were the features on this purpose-built demolition machine. The operators really liked the accuracy and responsiveness of the hydraulic system.  They also considered the SENNEBOGEN Maxcab very roomy and comfortable for a long day’s work. They also really appreciated the telescoping crawler tracks. The tracks provided maximum stability for the machine when it was working on a raised backfilled work area and reaching up just over 59 ft (18 m). The other key feature of the 830 R-HDD was the Maxcab and its ability to raise it and angle it up 30° giving the operator a clear view of the work area while eliminating the need to constantly strain their neck to look up and see what they were reaching for.

At the end of the day, the Plannerer operators really liked having a SENNEBOGEN on the job. The responsiveness of the hydraulics allowed them to deconstruct this empty, unused warehouse quickly, accurately, powerfully, and safely, then move on to the next project.

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