Continuing with its impressive growth, DTG Recycle announced that it had acquired Washington Hauling Company. This acquisition adds 620 dumpsters ranging from 5 to 40 yards and a fleet of 26 hook trucks. DTG Recycle has worked to consolidate the hauling and processing of recyclables in the Pacific Northwest, and its efforts have paid off for both the company and its customers.

“Looking ahead over the next 18 months, we have a very active M&A pipeline,” says Dan Guimont, Founder & Chairman of DTG Recycle. “The west coast is experiencing massive growth; with the addition of Washington Hauling Company, we are now better positioned to handle the increased demand that the construction, industrial, and manufacturing industries need to handle all of their recycling needs.”

“Increased scale gives DTG Recycle the capability to more efficiently collect recyclables and lower the overall carbon footprint of the collection process,” adds Tom Vaughn, CEO of DTG Recycle. “There were a lot of synergies with this acquisition, and we expect it to be a very smooth integration between the two companies. On top of the massive equipment we’ll inherit, we pick up seven new locations to run our almost 4,000 dumpsters from. A shorter drive means less fuel, which reduces the impact on the environment and the costs to our customers.”

DTG Recycle has seen several recent acquisitions, starting in December 2021 with Maltby Container & Recycling, followed by Hungry Buzzard, Rolloff Recyclers, Island Recycling, and most recently, Bobby Wolford Trucking & Salvage.

Says Ryan Jackman, Chief Growth Officer for DTG Recycle, “A big focus for us is ensuring a positive experience for the incoming new employees while protecting the culture we have worked so hard to create here. Owners looking to sell their business want to ensure that these employees will be well taken care of by DTG Recycle. Offering them access to additional career growth opportunities, our tuition reimbursement program, robust 401k, and many other benefits and recognition programs make it a good move for all involved.”

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Author: EIN News