DTG Recycle announces that Ryan Jackman has been promoted to the company’s executive team as the new Chief Growth Officer. In this role, Ryan will focus on new business units and revenue growth and be involved with corporate strategy and acquisitions. Additionally, he will work with the company’s leaders and employees to improve current business units, processes, and communication and help grow and develop DTG Recycle’s more than 340 employees.

Ryan joined DTG Recycle in early 2019 as the companies Business Development Manager. He was promoted to Director of Marketing before most recently being asked to start two new divisions for the company, its portable restroom and sweeper truck division. “Ryan is an excellent fit for this role and has shown throughout his career with us a proven track record of growth and development, not just in creating new departments or business units, but in our people.” Says DTG Recycle’s CEO Tom Vaughn. “While the role of Chief Growth Officer typically focuses on revenue growth, we felt it essential to incorporate his people-first philosophy and ability to build and support our team members into this position on our executive team. We are experiencing exponential growth and are looking to continue that momentum. We are confident that Ryan will be a significant part of our continued success in the years to come.”

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Author: EIN News
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