DumpStor is proud to work with the Baltimore Hunger Project for the second quarter DumpStor Delivers Project of 2024. A portion of every dumpster rented through the DumpStor franchise network, as well as the DumpStor corporate locations goes directly to the Baltimore Hunger Project. Their mission is to eliminate the growing problem of weekend childhood hunger by feeding bodies and minds by providing weekend food packages to children identified as food insecure in the community.

The team at DumpStor values the work done by the organization in raising awareness and establishing partnerships with community members and organizations. Nearly 94% of Baltimore City students and 66% of Baltimore County students are considered food insecure, participating in free and reduced price meal programs. That is over 145,000 students in the region struggling with hunger outside of school. The Baltimore Hunger Project works to bridge “The Hunger Gap” from Friday afternoon to Monday morning for these children.

Starting in 2014 with feeding 30 kids in two elementary schools, Founder and Executive Director Lynne B. Kahn and the team of volunteers are now providing over 2,100 meals to children across the greater Baltimore area. The dedication of the Baltimore Hunger Project strengthens bodies, empowers minds and builds communities with their efforts.

The DumpStor Delivers Project is DumpStor’s way of providing support to the communities they serve. Through this quarterly program, DumpStor’s network of franchisees, employees and corporate team members come together for one common cause. Know that when you rent a dumpster with DumpStor, a portion of that rental will be going to a positive, valuable cause.

For more information, visit www.dumpstor.com.