The City Council has approved a resolution that allows a special use permit so that a non-hazardous waste transfer station can operate at 1150 E. 145th St. in the city’s Third District. The property had been zoned for heavy industry and the city’s Board of Zoning Appeals previously recommended the permit. The council in December tabled consideration of the resolution to allow the petitioner to be present to discuss it.

Council Vice President Robert Garcia, D-5th, said wastewater will be processed at the site with the possibility it could include pollutants such as oil, grease, ammonia, mercury and cyanide. “We don’t want that for the Third District,” Garcia said. Councilman Terence Hill, D-3rd, said he toured the plant. “It’s not like a big elaborate thing,” Hill said. “They have it in a nice little garage and they come in there and they’re going to break the solution up, put it in these containers and deliver it away.”

Representatives from the city’s planning department attended the December meeting at which time the council was told residue from rail cars, including petroleum-based product and food product, would be transferred on its way to Newton County.

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Author: Paul Czapkowicz,