Today, ecomaine announced its call for proposals for the organization’s 2019-2020 round of School Recycling Grants, which are designed to raise recycling awareness in schools and communities, and to help schools implement more efficient recycling programs or add composting to their waste collection.

As Maine’s pioneer of single-sort recycling and provider of waste-to-energy solutions, ecomaine is pleased to announce that any school from its 70+ member communities can apply for Recycling Grants through October 25, 2019.

“ecomaine’s Recycling Grants program is increasingly important,” said Kevin Roche, ecomaine’s CEO.  “It’s a big part of our educational outreach portfolio, and it allows students and teachers to work together on some ingenious ways to tackle schools’ unique waste challenges.”

Past grant proposals have ranged from purchasing in-school recycling bins or education materials to offsetting compost hauling fees, assisting schools to participate in tours of ecomaine, or purchasing electric hand driers to reduce paper towel waste. If selected, school recipients can receive up to $5,000 of $25,000 in available grant funds for the 2019-20 school year. Recipients are chosen based on the following criteria:

(1) Project outline and school commitment

(2) Ease of project replication

(3) Likelihood of success and program sustainability

(4) How compelling and worthy the funding is

Following the October 25 deadline, proposals will be reviewed by ecomaine’s Outreach & Recycling Committee, and winners will be notified by mid-November.

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