In the wake of the Chinese government’s decision to severely restrict imports of recyclable materials, many recyclers and municipalities across the world are reexamining the feasibility of their recycling programs.  But in signing on with ecomaine, the City of Rockland is taking the opposite path.  Starting with a kick-off event at the City’s transfer station on Saturday, June 8, Rockland is instead promoting the excitement and long-term potential for recycling in the community.

In signing a 5-year contract with ecomaine, the City signaled its intent to commit to recycling in the decades ahead. ecomaine CEO Kevin Roche said, “To have the City of Rockland make a long-term commitment to recycling is so important.  As landfills all over the country are reaching capacity, recycling represents one of the best ways to keep these resources out of landfills and used once again.  We applaud Rockland for taking the long view toward sustainable waste management, especially in what have been challenging markets for recyclables over the last two years.”

The single-sort recycling program will allow Rockland residents to collect paper, cardboard, metal cans, glass bottles and jars, and hard plastic containers #1-7 in one container, which will be transported to ecomaine for sorting and processing.  Residents who need more information about sorting recyclables from trash can look on the websites of the City of Rockland or ecomaine, or in the ecomaine Recyclopedia mobile app, available at On June 8, the City will hold the kick-off event at 400 Limerock Street from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. with free recycling bins, giveaways, and information from City and ecomaine staff.

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