One of the most successful recycling programs the Town of Bourne has championed in is its food waste recycling program. The one downside has been the fact that collected waste must be transported off-Cape, since the region lacks a processing facility. Now, though, there are efforts underway to change that.

Phillip Goddard, Integrated Solid Waste Management manager of facility compliance and technology development, and a member of the Bourne Recycling Committee, spoke to the Bourne Select Board about the food waste program. Goddard said there is interest in seeing food waste recycling centers be established across Cape Cod.

“We’ve been talking about it for many, many years,” he told the select board. “The Coastal Community Composting Project with Barnstable County did solid waste studies through the Cape Cod Commission. One of the main things to come out was to do a regional composting facility, several of them on the Cape.”

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Author: Michael J. Rausch, The Enterprise Bourne
Image: Noelle Annonen,
The Enterprise Bourne