Residential waste and recycling hauling loyalty program provider EnviroPerks (formerly Recycling Perks) in partnership with Tidewater Fibre Corporation (TFC) Recycling expands to Nags Head, North Carolina. TFC Recycling is a family-operated recycler focused on collecting, processing, recovering, and responsibly disposing of post-industrial and post-consumer recyclables. Once TFC Recycling expands to Nags Head on May 1, 2021,  their new customers will have access to thousands of local and national deals on household items and expenses through EnviroPerks and their new online rewards program, Loyalty+.

EnviroPerks is a customer loyalty program that rewards its members for being loyal waste hauler customers. EnviroPerks allows haulers to provide added value to their services in the form of local discounts and rewards, differentiating themselves from their competitors. In December 2020, EnviroPerks rebranded from Recycling Perks and added the Loyalty+ platform to their program.

Loyalty+ expands the number of discounts and deals from hundreds to thousands, and adds national brands to the mix. The expansion provides access to exclusive deals, which can save users up to $5,000 a year on services and products they use every day, such as food, household items, gym memberships, hotels, cell service, insurance, and more.

The program is vast and offers everything from cash back on DoorDash and UberEats deliveries, to deals on clothing from JCPenny and Kohl’s, and travel discounts through, all for no extra cost as a benefit of being a TFC Recycling customer. The new Loyalty+ platform is a points-free platform, meaning users have access to every deal without having to use their EnviroPerks points.

“It was important to us to feature deals on the Loyalty+ platform from name-brand companies that offer goods and services people actually use every day,” said EnviroPerks founder, Bill Dempsey. “The mission of EnviroPerks is to save people money, so we’re excited to help new TFC Recycling customers in Nags Head do just that through our new program.”

When TFC Recycling officially launches in Nags Head, new TFC Recycling customers in the area will receive a welcome email from EnviroPerks inviting them to become members of EnviroPerks and Loyalty+. Step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for EnviroPerks and Loyalty+ will be included in the email.

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