Zabble, a leading provider of AI-powered zero waste technology solutions to businesses and cities, is launching the latest product offering to its Mobile Tagging™ platform tailored to meet the specific needs of jurisdictions implementing SB1383 across California. The solution empowers waste and recycling managers conducting lid flips and site visits to save time and resources on route planning, cover more ground in the field, and gain visibility and insights into program effectiveness–with compliance records in one place and ready to submit. The City of Berkeley and Castro Valley Sanitary District (or CVSan) are among the first jurisdictions to utilize the platform.

“Waste management and measurement is a critical challenge that demands innovative solutions. With Zabble’s AI-powered technology, we’re partnering to uncover efficiencies with lid flips, unlock valuable time and resources and gain granular contamination insights to improve our programs,” said Julia Heath, Recycling Program Manager at the City of Berkeley. “This enables us to channel more of our efforts toward reducing our environmental footprint and building a sustainable future for our city and county.”

A recent EPA small business award helped Zabble interview more than forty California jurisdictions, haulers and consultants to understand the need to efficiently plan, conduct and document route reviews and site visits to comply with the state legislation. “Small businesses funded through the EPA’s Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program provide innovative approaches to address EPA’s mission of protecting human health and the environment,” said April Richards, EPA SBIR Program Manager. “Waste quantification and categorization with Zabble helps address the need for technologies that can improve the U.S. recycling system.”

With a guided account upload process with automatic address geocoding, waste managers can reduce route review planning time to under 3 hours–a process that historically takes weeks to complete. Field teams then access an interactive map on their mobile app with their accounts, showing the closest bin to their physical location as they move across their route. They can automatically capture bin fullness levels and tag contamination items using Zabble’s patented computer vision AI–even in areas without internet connectivity–ensuring seamless, cohesive, and hassle-free operations. Field teams can do nearly three times the lid flips as they were able to do before using the platform.

Managers can send real-time email notifications and follow up on tasks for any type of incident or contamination. A web-based dashboard shows real-time, granular and historical analytics about contamination types and hotspots and metrics on follow-up actions at the account, street, neighborhood, route, or jurisdiction level–trends that connect recycling outreach to outcomes. The platform also itemizes all records for jurisdictions to submit their annual reports such as CalRecycle’s Electronic Annual Reports (EAR).

“This solution represents more than just streamlined, hassle-free operations; it embodies our commitment to turning AI from a buzzword into a tangible force that drives real progress for jurisdictions in California and beyond,” says Nik Balachandran, Founder and CEO of Zabble. “With the invaluable support from the EPA, we’ve delved deep into the needs of waste and recycling managers. When armed with the right tools and data, this group is unstoppable in creating lasting impact—from reducing contamination systemwide to minimizing costs for taxpayers to lowering emissions for our planet.”

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