Epax Systems, Inc. (Epax), an innovator in waste management solutions, announced the recent signing of an exclusive manufacturing and distribution contract for the US market with Heinz Bergmann OHG (Bergman). Several years ago, Epax began test marketing a new line of “rotary” compactors under the brand name RopaxTMin North America.  Rotary compactors utilize a powerful rotating drum to shred (or macerate) bulky waste streams like construction materials, shipping pallets, crates and skids.  The flagship product is the Ropax Roll-Packer for compacting bulky waste in dumpsters and other open-top waste containers.  The Ropax products have been well received, due in part to the exceptional reliability and longevity of the Bergmann designs and parts.  Consequently, Epax pursued and signed a formal supply agreement with Bergmann in preparation for a major marketing initiative for the Ropax product line in 2020.

For more information, visit www.epaxsystems.com.