The Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF) has released its annual report, “Analysis of MSW Landfill Tipping Fees – 2023,” providing a comprehensive analysis of municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill tipping fees across the United States. This report offers valuable insights into current trends, regional differences, and economic factors influencing tipping fees.

The 2023 report draws from tipping fee data collected from 342 facilities. Two key methodologies are used to calculate the national average tip fee: the unweighted average, which treats each landfill equally, and the ton-weighted average, which accounts for the amount of waste processed by each landfill.

National Trends in Tipping Fees

The report reveals several important national trends in landfill tipping fees:

  • The unweighted average tip fee decreased to $56.80 in 2023, marking a 3% decline from the previous year’s $58.47.
  • Similarly, the ton-weighted average tip fee saw a slight decrease to $57.63, down from $57.73 in 2022.
  • This decrease marks the first reduction in average tip fees since 2020, following two years of increases.

Regional Variations in Tipping Fees

Tipping fees vary significantly across different regions in the United States:

  • Northeast: The average tip fee increased by $8.52, reaching $84.44, the highest among all regions.
  • Pacific: Experienced the greatest decrease, with tip fees dropping by $6.74 to $62.28.
  • Midwest: The average tip fee decreased by $4.78, landing at $57.24.
  • Mountains/Plains: Saw a slight decrease of $0.98 to $49.86.
  • Southeast: The average tip fee decreased by $1.56, settling at $43.18.
  • South Central: Experienced a decrease of $3.45, resulting in an average tip fee of $45.25.

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