EREF will hold two educational events related to landfill management in Columbus, OH on August 31 and September 1. The first of the two events is an Electrical Leak Location (ELL) Workshop, which is hosted in collaboration with the Ohio Chapter of the NWRA as well as strategic partner, the Ohio EPA.

ELL is considered to be a highly accurate method to detect leaks. This relatively new technique runs an electrical current through the geomembrane liner using electrodes in the soil or water covering of the liner. Because the geomembrane liners do not conduct electricity when an electrical current is sent through the liner, the area(s) with a leak will indicate a higher current. This workshop will provide introductory, regulatory and new information related to ELL.

The second event, EREF’s Emerging Topics in Landfill Management Summit, is a full day of presentations related to landfill management including waste stability, elevated temperature landfills and aqueous waste co-disposal and liquids addition. Both events will be held in Columbus, OH at the Marriott Columbus University Area. Reservations must be booked by August 13, 2021.

Brush up on electrical leak location before attending the workshop! EREF, in collaboration with the NWRA Ohio Chapter and strategic partner, the Ohio EPA , hosted three ELL Training Sessions in May and June. Recordings of those sessions are now available for purchase on demand.

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