Eureka Recycling has created a smartphone app and website ( that allows St. Paul residents to see their recycling schedule, get collection reminders and look up what can be recycled. Reminders can be sent by email, text message or even phone call. Search for “Eureka Recycling” in your phone’s app store.

In addition, St. Paul and Minneapolis plan new educational pieces on social media, Metro Transit buses and bus shelters and light rail. St. Paul is reminding residents in one- to four-unit homes that they’re entitled to schedule free removal of two or three large bulky items, from televisions to couches, per calendar year. They can schedule the pickups through their trash hauler at least 48 hours in advance.

Do you own or manage an apartment building? The St. Paul All In Recycling Program is conducting a short online survey about recycling opportunities available to residents in multi-unit properties. It’s available at

St. Paul’s Recycling and Solid Waste Services will soon mail out a 2019-20 winter collection guide that includes reminders about keeping carts accessible, and the process for receiving timely information about collection during severe weather conditions.

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