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In the Spotlight
OC Waste & Recycling: From Waste Disposal to Resource Management
Continuing to evolve in diversion methodologies as new technological opportunities are developed, OC Waste & Recycling not only intends to move to covered aerated static piles and integrate feedstock and food waste, but their goal is to also develop source separated organics facilities co-located at the landfill, as well as implement AD, biofuel, and solar power.
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Industry Trends
2022 Year in Review: Shaping the Future of the Industry

Throughout labor shortages, supply chain issues, and falling commodity prices, the waste and recycling industry has continued to be resilient, facing changing regulations head on, focusing on safety initiatives, and adopting innovative technologies.
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Industry Trends
Perspectives: Labor/Staffing Issues
Q&A with Len Christopher, Vice President of Operations, Leadpoint Business Services, on investing in people, responding to workforce trends, and what is ahead for 2023.
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Industry Trends
Perspectives: The EPR Landscape
A conversation with Heidi Sanborn, Executive Director of the National Stewardship Action Council, on eliminating toxics, EPR, the truth in labeling, and taking the lead to combat misinformation.
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Mitigating the Effects of Inflation and the Supply Chain on Solid Waste Contracting
By being clear about solid waste management needs and distributing requests for proposals to potential contractors significantly earlier than in the past, solid waste managers will find the contracting process less frustrating and more efficient, resulting in a much more satisfying and successful experience.
Scott Pasternak
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Compliance Issues
It is Time to Get your Permits Organized
Misplacing permits, forgetting to renew them, and neglecting permit tasks are all problems of the past when you switch to a digital permit manager.
Caroline Sharpless
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Landfill Design
Evaluating a New Landfill Site or Expanding to an Additional Cell: A Conversation
Developing a new landfill or adding a landfill cell is all about efficient and early planning.
Christopher Lund, PE
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Fuel Management
Fueled Up and Ready for Anything
Understanding the benefits and industry-leading features of transportable fuel tanks.
Ken Steury
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Waste Diversion/Reuse
Innovators: repurposedMATERIALS Gives Unwanted Material a Second Life
With a unique approach to creating waste reuse, repurposedMATERIALS diverted approximately 16 million pounds of waste from landfills in 2022. Damon Carson, Founder and President, talks about how the company developed and helping organizations hit their waste diversion and sustainability goals.
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The Impact of Credit Card Fees on Waste Management and Utility Services
Digital payments are here to stay. People enjoy the convenience and efficiency of paying with a credit card. Providing multiple payment methods can improve the customer experience, but the business does not have to suffer.
Ben Ross
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Guest Commentary
Small Hauler/Recycler Perspective on Compliance with California SB 1383 Organics Recycling Law
From depackaging locations, to processing for animal food, fertilizer use, and compost amendments, as more material enters the recycled commodity stream more recycling options will develop, most often with the working ingenuity and leadership of recyclers like Key Disposal & Recycling.
Ron Saldana
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Safety Brief
Heads Up for Safety
According to the Brain Trauma Foundation, about 2.5 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury each year in the U.S. Head protection, including wearing a hard hat, and safety training can reduce the risk of head injury.
Will Flower
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How to Properly Maintain Your Baler
Your baler is the heart of your entire operation. A maintenance routine is crucial to making sure these machines run smoothly year after year.
John Rueckert
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Business Strategies
Knowing Your Customer Can Help with Your Marketing Strategy
A buyer persona defines your ideal buyers, starting from purchasing behavior to discussing waste collection. Using the right tools to identify the buyer personas for your business can ensure repeat customers.
Samuele Barilli
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The North American Hazardous Materials Management Association: 2022 Recap and Looking Ahead in 2023
2023 has kicked off with several changes for NAHMMA and that theme will continue as we celebrate its 30th year.
Kenneth Miller
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