Franklin, MA residents with town curbside solid waste collection will soon get pink bags that they can put out on trash days. Three Pink bags and an introduction card will be arriving the first week of November. The contents of the bags will be kept out of landfills.

According to DEP statistics, 8.1% of trash is reusable, recyclable material, with 95% that can be reused. But only 15% of people recycle these materials through drop boxes or other methods. Simplerecycling now has one million customers in Massachusetts, including towns like Franklin. Customers get bright pink bags, which can be filled with either used clothes or other items that can be sold at thrift stores. The bags are set out on the same day as recycling. When bags are picked up, an empty ones are left for the homeowner to fill again.

There is no cost to the town or the resident, and the town is paid $20 a ton for the material versus a cost of roughly $63 a ton for incineration.

Simplerecycling trucks can usually complete the routes faster than town recycling trucks and are not connected to Waste Management trash and recycling service. If a resident hasn’t had their bag picked up after 5 p.m., they call Simplerecycling customer service, and the bag can be picked up the next business day, or the following week.

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