Jordan residents have the opportunity to potentially convert those scraps into savings on the solid waste disposal fees, thanks to a free organic disposal service offered by the city. Residents are free to dump organic waste from their home, which includes most food and paper waste, at the organics dumpster near the utility shed outside the Jordan Police Department, 705 Syndicate St. City Administrator Tom Nikunen said by separating organic waste from garbage, residents could downsize their solid waste pickup bin and potentially save $9 a month.

“I tried the organic (pickup) when that was offered and I was able to reduce my garbage container to the very smallest one,” Nikunen said. “When you take out the food waste and paper products and then recycle cans and other recyclables — you have very little left.”

For a year, Jordan was one of the few cities in the metro that offered curbside pickup for organic waste. “That didn’t work out very well, we only had 10-15 people in town sign up for that,” Nikunen said. “It’s a shame it didn’t catch on more.”

But residents are still free to dump their organic waste at the designated dumpster outside the police department using paper bags or organically combustible bags that can be purchased at most grocery stores. Jordan and Shakopee are currently the only cities in Scott County currently offering an organics drop-off service.

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