Seizing an opportunity to position its growing portfolio of next-generation fuel additives and lubricants as a total sustainability solution for fleet, equipment and machinery operators, the ownership structure for Fuel Ox™ and Infinity Lube™ products has incorporated as a new entity: Industrial Sustainability Group Inc., or ISG.

This new organizing structure and name align with the company’s increased focus on providing comprehensive solutions to help fleet and equipment operators improve their sustainability performance while reducing operating costs. Under ISG, the company intends to expand its geographic reach, grow its distribution partners and increase the availability of its products, which were developed for heavy duty trucks, buses, service vehicles, marine vessels, heavy equipment and virtually any machinery. The company’s primary products – Fuel Ox fuel additives and Infinity Lube lubricants – use patented, proprietary technologies that substantially reduce environmental impacts, improve equipment performance, life and durability, lower operating costs and, in the case of the additives, increase fuel efficiency.

“Incorporating as Industrial Sustainability Group is a natural next step in our evolution that reflects both the purpose of our business and the value our products deliver for our valued customers by reducing their fuel and maintenance costs and improving their environmental performance,” said Rand Taylor, CEO of ISG. “Our full-service suite of products offers a total sustainability solution, and we are proud of our role to help fleet owners manage their costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

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